Rural Wireless 200GB by Gecko

Over 100 wireless sites throughout Hawkes Bay means you don't have to sacrifice lifestyle for reliable internet.

$ 99.00 NZD
Product Details

Rural Lifestyle Internet

Standard Installation includes:

  • Mast & Radio
  • Router
  • Installation & Setup
  • 200GB of Monthly Data

Where our technicians encounter unsatisfactory conditions to conduct an installation - we will discuss creative installation options with you which may lead to an increased installation fee or you may opt to cancel the installation.

Speed and availability are dependent on line of sight, network load, weather, and other environmental factors.

Phone Lines

Basic Line: Just send and receive calls. Includes Caller ID.

Smart Line: Includes Voicemail, Call Diversion, Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Call Waiting, Pin Number Toll Block.

All of our phone lines are digital, and require one of our routers, meaning they require power and internet to operate. For this reason they may not be suitable for security or medical alarms. We recommend maintaining a cell phone connection for access to emergency services. Calling rates can be found here.

Once we have received your order...

We'll add your payment as an account credit and one of our friendly Gecko's will be in touch to complete your sign-up and get you connected to our network.